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I grew up in Chicago, and was fortunate to have school and work opportunities that took me to numerous countries around the world.  While living in Singapore, I met my sweet Australian husband and we have two wonderful kids together, a son soon graduating from a university in Chicago, and a daughter in her second year of university in the UK.  I also have a sweet, talented step-son living in Melbourne Australia with his beautiful wife and two adorable kids, and a joyful, creative step-daughter living and running a design business in Mexico City.  They all keep me on my toes, and I guess you could call us a global family!

We lived in The Netherlands for about 6 years; I loved the European lifestyle and eagerly learned all I could about health and food habits there.  I started up Fresh Simple Balance in The Netherlands and was proud to be one of the first in Europe to offer The RESTART® Program.  World events and another move have put Fresh Simple Balance on pause for the moment…

Over the years, several things fueled my interest in learning about nutrition.

  • While living in different countries, I observed food and lifestyle habits very different than those in the USA, providing me with a new perspective on nutrition and health.
  • Becoming a parent and being responsible for the health and happiness of the kids was also a huge motivating factor.
  • My own (ahem) maturing also inspired me to more deeply study the impact of nutrition on health and aging.

So, in 2014 I studied with the Nutritional Therapy Association (NTA) and got certified as a Nutritional Therapy Consultant (NTC).

In 2015, I started Fresh Simple Balance to help others understand how nutrition impacts health so they are empowered to make mindful, healthy food and lifestyle choices.  I am especially passionate about the health and happiness of kids, and hope to help parents equip their kids with the knowledge needed to make good food choices as they grow up and move out on their own.  More recently I’m also focusing and learning more about the impact of nutrition and lifestyle on longevity – complete with a bit of self-experimentation!

As my knowledge grows and Fresh Simple Balance evolves, my observations about nutrition and health can be summed up like this:

  • Eat real food!
    • The closer to nature, the better; reduce processed foods as much as possible.
    • Quality matters (buy organic when possible, avoid GMOs, budget for ‘clean’ and ethically-sourced animal protein).
    • The kitchen is your friend!  Time spent cooking is time well-spent and will help you provide nourishing meals for yourself and family.
  • Nutrition and….
    • For overall health, nutrition plays a major role; however exercise, sleep, stress management, connection, and having a passion in life also contribute to health and must be addressed and kept in balance.
  • Baby steps.
    • The quest for good health can be overwhelming and confusing.  Knowledge is the first step and will empower you to make better choices and create new habits that can impact your happiness and health. Start where you are and keep it simple with baby steps… any positive change will help!

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