RESTART® Testimonials

“I was personally ready to try this programme as I had tried a number of other approaches to reduce bloating, and feelings of sluggishness. This programme gave me the tools to listen to my body and apply healthy, clear alternatives to move forward.  I am now aware of which healthy alternatives ‘work’ for me!  After a few weeks, I have more energy, I am less bloated, and 4-5 kilos lighter! We were very fortunate to have a dedicated and committed instructor who made it her personal mission to have us succeed.  Thank you Linda Tompkins!”   (Yonet S. – Netherlands RESTART®)


“I feel less pain and lost weight without hunger.”  (Mary H.)


“I never thought I could stop eating desserts and chocolate for more than a day. But I’ve done it for three weeks!  This is a miracle!”   (Forijat H)


“I learned that there are lots of opportunities to make good choices.”  (Kristin B)


“My colleagues at work call me disgustingly cheerful and perky.  You’ve made a big difference in our lives.”  (Jeffri B)


“I’m feeling great – loved trying all the new veggies.  My kids are now looking at food labels.” (Nicole B)


“I’m not afraid of fat anymore.”  (Penny H)


“Great class Linda! Very impressed with your knowledge of the materials and your ability to bring everyone into the fold.  You kept the rhythm going with post-class follow-up emails and pre-class reminders, plus communications on Facebook in-between.  It’s clear you are passionate about the subject and enjoy what you do!”  (Toni D)


“Much better understanding of how my body uses what I put in it.  Much more aware now.” (Tim S)


“Brilliant!  I feel great!  So wonderful to sleep all night.”  (Marissa H)


“I’ve never felt so good … I am a volcano of happiness!”  (Doina P)